December 26, 2016 at 11am

Pete Kirtland


With over 25 years in the retirement plan industry, Pete Kirtland possesses a range of knowledge that includes administration, compliance, consulting, management, plan design, communications, sales and marketing. Pete has served in several senior roles at large global professional services companies to entrepreneurial positions leading start up success.

Throughout his dedicated career in the retirement industry, Pete’s dynamic leadership style has driven high-performing corporate cultures, loyal customers and trusted brands. For the last 13 years, Pete has led Aspire Financial Services to be recognized as one of the fastest, trusting and leading retirement solutions providers. Aspire has recorded another year of top line growth exceeding 35%.

One of Pete’s key contributions to the industry is improving the quality of retirement planning for participants and the industry at large. He has guided Aspire to represent the new age of retirement planning – through transparency at every stage, fixed fee cost structure to promote advocacy for the participant, and complete flexibility with investment choices. Pete’s passion is prompted by the retirement savings crisis that our country is facing. He leads the conversation with participant outcomes and is leveraging technology and data with linking partnerships to offer endless opportunities for all vested parties involved.

Pete attributes his success to the talented people around him. His leadership is infectious and genuinely cares about social responsibilities and is eager to influence meaningful changes on society through more informed retirement planning and choices.