December 21, 2017 at 8pm ET on ESPN

Paul Cumbie


Paul Cumbie, after serving his Country in the United States Navy, Paul then served his community as a Deputy for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

In 1978 Paul realized he could combine his communication skills and desire to help others by entering into the business of sales. Although he had no formal education in this field, his highly competitive nature, hunger for knowledge and determination to be the best he could be, Paul studied his craft intensely then became the number one sales person in his company.

In 1979 an Executive with a major oil company approached Paul offering him a position in lease acquisition for drilling oil/natural gas wells. Paul quickly earned the reputation as the top leasing agent in the Appalachian Basin, prompting oil companies to call on him to secure properties where others had failed.

In 1986 when oil prices plummeted, Paul took a position as a Sales Manager at one of ten campuses for a private business college. Within six months the CEO of the college recognized Paul’s leadership ability, motivational skills and the ability to train others on how to close sales, therefore promoting Paul to Vice President of Sales/Marketing over the entire organization. Under Paul’s leadership, Interactive Learning Systems, Inc. was named one of America’s 500 fastest growing companies in Inc. Magazine in 1989.

In 1993, Paul was asked to join a small company in Largo, Florida that had struggled for four years. The company had never made a profit, nor had sales that exceeded $500,000.00. Paul took on the challenge and the company made its first profit in 1993. The small 5 person company grew to a multi-million dollar organization, became a major player in the emergency power industry in Florida and serviced national corporations across the country.

Paul retired after over 22 years with Paramount Power, Inc., but still has that drive to work and most important, to help others. In July of 2014 Sunbelt Rentals, part of an International Rental Group, asked Paul to join their team as a National Account Manager. He has established National Accounts with The Salvation Army, Verizon Wireless, DeBartolo Construction and more.

“I was taught as a young boy, when you are blessed, you must bless others. The success I have had in the field of sales is a God given talent to listen to the needs of the person I am speaking to, understanding what that person is looking for, then doing my very best to provide it. It is a misconception that great sales people are great talkers (or have the gift of gab). Actually, great sales people are great listeners who genuinely care about the needs of the person they are speaking to.I have trained thousands of people in the field of sales and I let them know it is crucial to have an attitude of “I care” and assure the person you are there to solve their problem.”….Help Others…..